How to Play Rise of Kingdom for Newbies from Experts VN88

Are you looking to get good at the game Rise of Kingdoms fast? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our experts at VN88 have crafted this guide specifically for newbies to give you all the skills you need to become an expert in no time! In this guide, we talk about everything from choosing the right civilization to building your kingdom, and managing resources. So, if you’re ready to get started in Rise of Kingdoms, keep reading!

What is Play Rise of Kingdom Game?

Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile MMO real-time strategy game inspired by history. Players take the helm of their own kingdom and lead their civilization to glory, honor, and boundless riches. Choose from one of 13 historical civilizations, each with its own unique architecture, technology tree, special units, and strategies. Engage in epic battles with thousands of players online in real time as you battle for control over the world. With infinite zoom capabilities and realistic battles, Rise of Kingdoms offers limitless possibilities for strategic play. Download the game today and experience the world’s first true RTS gameplay.

How to Play Rise of Kingdom from Experts VN88

Many players find playing Rise of Kingdoms quite straightforward and easy. When you start the game, it’s important to take the time to select a civilization that’s right for you – making the wrong choice will just mean more time and effort need to be spent building up a new city and civilization from scratch. According to voxbliss research, each civilization offers different special troops, resources, and starting commanders which can significantly impact your progress in-game.

After selecting a civilization, you’ll be presented with a scene of a group of people crossing the night through the snow to reach safety. Your castle will appear on the map at random coordinates. You’ll also find some already selected generals such as Attila, Wu Zetian, C.Martel, Ishida, Seondeok, Cleopatra, Hannibal, and Cao Cao… ready for you to start building your kingdom. Currently, in the game, there will be 3 main types of civil works:

  • The sort that uses resources like fields, leaves, and timber to promote food production.
  • Construction projects for military facilities such as medical hospitals, army housing, artillery housing, and housing for bows and arrows.
  • Structures that serve as decorations.

Gamers will need to go forward and systematically develop each item while also completing daily duties and earning prizes. There will be events, battles with the other players, and even thieving attacks during the powerful idea game.

Gamers that successfully complete the conquest will receive fresh resources, a higher level, and access to a new piece of territory. Remember that warriors will need time to heal, recuperate, and be ready for the subsequent fights after each combat as well. 

Stats in Rise of Kingdom:

  • Power strength: This statistic sums together all military, resource, and technological advancements to show the progress of the entire kingdom. The longer and more strong your kingdom will be, the better the numbers.
  • Rice: a place where soldiers, troops, and military technology are being developed.
  • Wood: Buildings are being upgraded as cavalry, artillery, and other vehicles are being developed.
  • Stone: Stats are in creating cannon vehicles and upgrading structures.
  • Gold: numbers for weapon upgrades, military innovation, and artillery vehicles…

The Countries Represented in the Rise of Kingdom: 

  • The Rome (Roman) empire spread across continental Europe and northern Africa.
  • Germany, a country on the east coast of Europe, was once a formidable opponent of Rome.
  • England the country that was once part of the Roman Empire is located on an island in northwestern Europe.
  • The country of France is also within Rome and is located in western Europe between Germany and Spain.
  • Spain is the Western European country west of France and was also ancient Rome.
  • China is one of the cradles of human civilization with the Yangtze River originating from the Zhou Dynasty.
  • Korea is the South-North of China the Korean therightmessages peninsula.
  • Japan, the nation of Cherry, with its formidable Samurai troops. A thorough article on the subject of which nation to pick in Rise of Kingdoms will be available.

Tips for Playing Rise of Kingdom at VN88

While learning how to play Rise of Kingdom is not tough, really winning the game is challenging. According to seasoned players, it is essential to use the playing advice we have provided below to improve your chances of winning:

Reasonable Upgrading of Works

The first piece of advice for playing Rise of Kingdom is to always put building, research, and training for the development of the nation first. Focus on renovating the main bookie as soon as you can. As a result, you will soon be able to access a lot of the game’s features and aid in the development of a stronger, more effective army. The alliance center should be given precedence over the main bookie in order to improve the nation’s capability for rescue and firmly support the main bookie.

Acceleration at The Right Time

When you want to go quickly, you should make the most of all your available resources. You may even ask the King to polish or consume stones in the sacred site. You will save a lot of speed using these sources. You should also join the alliance throughout the acceleration step to support, and expedite the building and research processes. Do not undervalue the advantages of team alliances since they not only keep players engaged and motivated in the game but also aid in the efficient development of building projects.

Join Scouting Every Day

Participating in reconnaissance every day is the final, extremely effective strategy we want to share with you. The kingdom’s fog-hidden places are meant to be expanded. From there, it will assist in revealing several fantastic, valuable advantages. Yet, it should also be remembered that resources in the form of things should be saved for when you actually need them. This will lessen the likelihood of an invasion and the theft of the base by adversaries.


Congratulations on making it to the end of this guide! We hope you’ve now got a better understanding of how to play Rise of Kingdoms at VN88, and are well on the way to becoming an expert in no time. With our tips and advice, you have everything you need to start building your kingdom, ruling your land, and conquering more regions. So get out there and start playing Rise of Kingdoms today!

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