The Kasper Movies

The Casper movies are based on the Harvey Comics cartoon character, Casper the Friendly Ghost. In the movie, a 12-year-old boy named Casper McFadden dies of pneumonia and is left stranded in the afterlife. His father, Dr. James Harvey, is legally insane and unable to contact his late wife. As a result, Casper is lonely and unappreciated. He decides to become a ghost to keep his father company. But after his father passes away, he begins to worry that he might be missing a lot of important things.

A teenage girl

While his parents are unable to be reached, Casper tries to make friends with the Harvey family. However, he finds that he is not so alone. A teenage girl named Kat (Christina Ricci) has developed a crush on him. She believes that one of her parents is a ghost. This leads to a series of events that he will not be able to escape from. wotpost

Eventually, Casper becomes smitten with Kat and helps her with her magic act. They eventually make a deal that will allow him to meet her again. Despite her objections, Casper is able to help Kat with her secret squad to prevent her from being bullied. And, at the same time, the two girls develop a romantic flowerstips relationship.

Sentimental for teens

The Casper movies are directed by Brad Silberling and are also based on the animated version of the same name. Their plot follows the classic “haunted house” concept. Although there are many references to the spirit world, the tone is far from scary. At times, the tone may be too sentimental for teens.

Carrigan Crittenden is the main villain of the Casper movies. He has red nail polish and a flawless bob haircut. He’s also a scoundrel, narrow-minded, and abrasive. Unlike most other ghosts, he has black eyeshadow, and he has an evil laugh.

Casper’s uncles, Stinkie and Fatso, are also present in the movie. They are also crude, although they do not get as much screen time as Carrigan and Dibs. Nevertheless, the movie is quite entertaining.

The movie features

There are also a few nice in-jokes. For instance, when the tween girl asks, “Piss off?”, Carrigan replies, “It’s a good thing she isn’t human.” Later, the movie features a couple of great pranks. One of them is a prank on Amber and Vic. When they are tricked into believing that their house is haunted, the Ghostly Trio shows up and chases them.

Victorian Gothic set

Another great in-joke is Carrigan’s attempt to steal the formula for the Lazarus machine. They think that they can use the device to bring dead people back to life. Luckily, the film features a cool Victorian Gothic set.

Another fun in-joke is the appearance of Dr. Ray Stantz, a physician. Unfortunately, this isn’t as funny as the other in-jokes. Nevertheless, the movie features good voice talent. Malachi Pearson voices the titular character.

Other actors who play the characters in the movies include Bill Pullman, Eric Idle, and Dan Castellaneta. Also, there are several minor and large roles. Most notably, Cathy Moriarty plays Carrigan, the most powerful villain in the Casper movies. Despite her negative personality, she’s very clever.

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